Seattle Cossacks Stunt & Drill Team

Wherever the Seattle Cossacks ride, people watch and wonder in fascination, waiting for the next man to climb higher. No ropes, no props, no skyhooks, no gimmicks – they just climb. How can they do that on motorcycles? The crowd bursts into cheers and applause as the team glides past.

It began in the ’30s with a group of racers and hill climbers who developed stunts to entertain themselves between events; entertaining fans came later. The founders of the group were Seattle racers, riders, delivery personnel, business men, and other interested folks who all shared the desire “to entertain and promote the positive image of motorcycling.” But what to call themselves? Russia’s cavalry members, the Cossacks, were known the world over for their masterful horsemanship, and bikes were often called “Iron Horses” in those days. Thus, the name “Seattle Cossacks” was coined.

They still ride vintage Harleys of the ’30s and ’40s. The oldest is a 1930 VL and the newest a 1949 45 CI. There are 74″ and 80″ VLs, ULs, and 45s, and 61″ and 74″ Knuckleheads. All bikes are stock except for the handlebars, which are late ’50s Flanders, these great old bikes are sturdy and stable enough to bear the weight of multiple riders.

T90 Drill Team

The T90 Motorcycle Drill Team was formed in 1984 in Tenino, Washington. What started as a novelty has changed much over the years. They are dedicated riders who have fun and enjoy perfecting their precision drills and maneuvers. A non-profit organization that promotes motorcycle safety and awareness and sponsors an annual scholarship fund, the team also supports other non-profits with fundraising and entertainment.

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