Farmboy Story

Forty years of delicious meals from our family to yours

Nat & Peg

This beautiful wild ride started in 1979. Nat Fowler and his wife Mary, (known to all as Peggy), bought a piece of land to build a home on in south Thurston county on Case road SW. They worked very hard, did most of the work themselves. They lived in Tumwater at that time and had sold their property hoping to get a bit of acreage in place of the small farm they had in Tumwater. Of course, as everyone knows, it was a struggle. But they managed it and bought a ten-acre parcel.

As they traveled from Tumwater to Rochester daily, they saw a hamburger stand by the freeway exit. They decided to stop in for a quick lunch. It was a very cute but small place, four booths and three seats at a makeshift counter. It was a nice place built the year before by a local couple, Allen and Janice Erickson. They were very nice people and all became friends in time.

One day when the Fowlers and the Ericksons were visiting the offer was made. The Ericksons wanted to sell and Nat, a long haul truck driver until then, saw his dream becoming a real possibility. Nat drove all over the United States for many years and he saw a sad lacking when it came to quality food available for truckers and the public alike.

Nat convinced Peggy, not an easy task, that they could buy this little place and turn it into a great restaurant. He continued truck driving for many years while Peggy, coupled with her 17-year-old daughter ran the restaurant. He worked tirelessly in there any time he was not driving the truck.

There were some lean years, of course, as any fledgling business owner knows, but the ‘can do’ spirit triumphed.

A few years later the building was enlarged with a nice dining room, a bake room, to make our homemade pies and buttermilk biscuits, nice restroom facilities were built inside that were previously outside. Big walk-in refrigerators and freezers were added a few years later as the little restaurant blossomed.

We currently enjoy great patronage from locals and travelers alike and those that just come to see what’s new.

We now have four generations of our family working there and that’s truly something to be proud of.